[Big Island Day 7] Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden was the major destination of our last day in Hawaii. We saw a lot of tropical flowers and recognized a few that we also had in Taiwan.

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden Flowers
Flowers in the Botanical Garden

Big Island Day 7 Itinerary

It is only 20 minutes from Hilo, and the road to the garden (Old Mamalahoa Highway) is one of the most scenic drives on the Island. Many parts of the road were covered with trees, and I was able to fully experience the tropical atmosphere.

What we did

The admission was $18 USD in 2017 and has become $20 USD now. I think it is worth a visit even though the price goes up.

We followed the map and slowly walked through the garden. The most memorable plant is the various ginger flowers along the broadwalk. I’ve been eating gingers for so long, but I had never seen their flowers until this day. Some looked like a beehive in the above picture, and some looked different.

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden Parrots

There is a birdhouse with 4 parrots in the middle of the garden. I don’t think I saw one in the past few years. I need to visit a zoo next time and refresh my memory.

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden Sea

The garden is by the sea. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t so nice anymore when we walked to the shore. It rains a lot on the eastern part of Big Island, and that is why it is so green with lots of tropical plants here.


We were super lucky that day because we got heavy rain right after we left the garden. I am sure that looking at the plants in the rain won’t a good experience. It was very nice to see all the beautiful flowers and exotic plants. It makes me want to visit some other botanical gardens and see more!

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden Info

Address: 27-717 Mamalahoa Hwy, Papaikou, HI 96781, USA
Info: Website Recommended!

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