[Big Island Day 7] Breakfast @ Cafe 100

This was our last day of our trip. Although our B&B provided pancakes, we still came to Cafe 100 to try out the traditional Hawaii cuisine, Loco Moco. It is also the cheapest restaurant we’ve ever been to on Big Island!

Cafe 100
Breakfast at Cafe 100: 2 loco moco plates, a miso soup special, and a cup of guava juice

The Food

We ordered 2 loco moco plates, one with breaded ahi and the other with oyako (chicken and egg). We also had miso soup special and guava juice as sides. We didn’t know that the soup came with rice and egg. The portion of each dish was not big, so we were able to finish all food.

Loco moco is made of steamed rice, gravy, an egg, and meat or fish of the choice. Cafe 100 is the inventor of this dish and have been serving it since 1946. Overall, the loco moco was OK, except that I didn’t really like the idea of gravy on rice.

We first visited this place after we saw the glowing lava on Day 6. We had some leftovers from Sombat’s at B&B, so we took out the Island Girl plate. It came with breaded shrimps and beef teriyaki. The food wasn’t spectacular but acceptable as a USD $8.35 dish. For some reason, my sister wanted to have their fried chicken, so we came back on Day 7. At the end, we didn’t get any fried chicken.


It is a very good place for cheap eats. It is also a good place to try out the loco moco, an iconic Hawaiian dish. I’ve been here twice so I don’t think I will come back for the third time.


Cafe 100
969 Kilauea Ave, Hilo, HI 96720, USA

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