[Big Island Day 5] Dinner @ Sombat’s Fresh Thai Cuisine

It has been many years since I had Thai food. For some reason, there are many recommended Thai restaurants on Big Island, so I chose Sombat’s Fresh Thai Cuisine to give this Southeast Asian cuisine a try.

Sombat's Fresh Thai Cuisine
From left to right: Coco Soup, Kang Panang (Roasted Curry), and Tapioca

Big Island Day 5 Itinerary

The Food

We began with the Coco Soup. It is the first time I have one, and I fell in love with it right away. It came with a lot of much-needed vegetables which we lack during this trip.

Next, we had curry as our main dish. For spiciness, we chose mild as I am not good at spicy food. It turned out that even the mild level was too spicy for me. I had to stop often and drink a lot of water while eating. Overall the curry was delicious, and I would like it more if it was not as spicy.

Lastly, we had Tapioca for dessert. It is the only dish that I am familiar with because we have it in Taiwan as well. It was a big relief from the spiciness I just had.


I now have a very good impression on Thai food and will definitely have more in the future. All three dishes we ordered were very tasty, and I highly recommend it to everyone. It was also the healthiest meal we had during our trip, with loads of vegetables and coconut milk.

Sombat’s Fresh Thai Cuisine Info

Address: 88 Kanoelehua Ave # 111, Hilo, HI 96720, USA
Info: Menu Recommended!

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