[Big Island Day 5] Boiling Pots & Rainbow Falls

Boiling Pots and Rainbow Falls are the two scenic destinations along Wailuku River in Hilo. We did a quick visit to both places in the afternoon of Day 5.

Boiling Pots
Boiling Pots

Big Island Day 5 Itinerary

What We Did

We first visited Boiling Pots located in the west of Hilo. It is a part of the 18-mile-long Wailuku River, and both are a part of Wailuku River State Park. The place got its name from the vertical columns created by the lava cooling on the river bed. Pe’epe’e Falls was visible from a distance.

Rainbow Falls
Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls is located at the downstream of Boiling Pots. We didn’t see any rainbow at the time of visit because it was raining. It is probably easier to see one in the morning.

Both destinations do not require a lot of time. We stayed for about 20 minutes at each location. It was very nice to see them with forests and plants. I like this better than the scenery of the west coast which is often empty, dry, and lifeless.


Both places are not far away from downtown Hilo. Driving time will not be more than 15 minutes. Thus, there is really no reason not to stop by and look at the wonderful scenes!

Boiling Pots & Rainbow Falls Info

Wailuku River State Park
Boiling Pots Address: 1766 Wailuku Dr, Hilo, HI 96720, USA
Rainbow Falls Address: 40 Rainbow Dr, Hilo, HI 96720, USA
Info: Website

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