[Big Island Day 4] Dinner @ TK Noodle House

TK Noodle House is an Asian fusion restaurant. We came here for some warm soup after our best snorkelling experience, so we followed Google Map to this place. It was better than I expected, especially my duck noodle soup!

TK Noodle House
Duck Noodle Soup @ TK Noodle House

The Food

My sister ordered Vietnamese beef noodle soup. I felt the taste was acceptable, but my sister didn’t like it. Both of us have high standards on beef noodle soups because we have way better ones in Vancouver and Burnaby. However, this is an Asian fusion restaurant and serve all kinds of Asian cuisine, so I wouldn’t expect that they serve very authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

The Duck Noodle Soup was a totally different situation. It is the first time to have it in more than 11 years, and the flavour was very similar to the flavour I had in Taiwan! I don’t know where they got the recipe for this dish, but I absolutely loved it. It reminded me of the time when I was still in Taiwan.


I usually don’t put this type of restaurants on my list because this is something I can enjoy in Vancouver. But there are moments that my sister or I want to have hot noodle soups, and only Asian restaurants can fulfill this type of wishes. I need to have the Duck Noodle Soup again!

TK Noodle House Kona Info

Address: 75 Hanama Pl, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740, USA
Info: Menu

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