[Big Island Day 4] Dinner @ TK Noodle House

We didn’t plan to have dinner at TK Noodle House on Day 4. My sister wanted some noodle soup after our best snorkeling experience, so we followed Google Map to this place. It was better than I expected, especially my duck noodle soup!

TK Noodle House
Duck Noodle Soup @ TK Noodle House

TK Noodle House is an Asian fusion restaurant. I usually don’t put this type of restaurants on my list because this is something I can enjoy in Vancouver. But there are moments that my sister or I want to have hot noodle soups. It is not a bad idea to put some Asian restaurants on my list next time.

My sister ordered Vietnamese beef noodle soup. I felt the taste was acceptable, but my sister didn’t like it. Both of us have high standards on beef noodle soups because we have way better ones in Vancouver and Burnaby.

The Duck Noodle Soup was totally different. It is the first time in more than 11 years! It reminded me of the similar duck noodle soups I had in my hometown, Kaohsiung Taiwan. I really need to plan a trip back to Taiwan and refresh my memory on the delicious Taiwanese food!

TK Noodle House Kona
75 Hanama Pl, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740, USA

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