[Big Island Day 4] Kaloko-Honokōhau National Historical Park

The first destination of Day 4 was Kaloko-Honokōhau National Historical Park, which was just south of Kona Airport. It is home to two beaches, three fish ponds, archaeological sites, and the most important thing: sea turtles!

Kaloko-Honokōhau National Historical Park
Kaloko-Honokōhau National Historical Park

We first stopped at the visitor center. There were trails from the center to Ai’opio Beach but we decided to skip it. We drove and parked at the harbor to the south and accessed the beach from there. We arrived a few minutes later and saw a huge area of shallow water and rocks. Then, I spotted some sea turtles resting on rocks and some were in the water. I was so excited because I didn’t see any in the previous days.

I now regret that we didn’t explore the beach thoroughly. I didn’t see the two fish ponds: Aimakapa Fishpond, which is right beside the beach, and Aiopio Fish Trap at the very south. There are also a thatched roof heiau and a small cove close by. Next time I will try my best to see all of them and hope that the weather is not too hot.

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