[Vancouver] Lunch @ Empire Garden Chinese Restaurant

Even though we didn’t like the dinner, I still revisited Empire Garden last Sunday (Oct 15) to have dim sum. It was delicious as usual. This place is one of a few dim sum places we visit from time to time, and we prefer here (in Langley) more than some other dim sum places in Burnaby or Richmond.

Beef strips and tendons in spicy sause

Beef strips and tendons in spicy sauce

This is a classic dish that we order almost every time. Both the beef strips and tendons were very tender. I can see the efforts on preparing this because it takes long hours to soften the strips and tendons. The sauce wasn’t too spicy and tasted great with rice.

Baked raddish pastry

Baked radish pastry

The name suggests that it is baked, but I doubt that. The crust was a little bit oily. Regardless of the cooking methods, it was my favorite dish in today’s meal. As the name suggests, it contains daikon slices. I loved its light flavour very much.

Stuffed bean curd wraps in oyster sauce

Stuffed bean curd wraps in oyster sauce

It is another dish we almost always order. We are obsessed with it probably it is the only rolls that are not deep-fried.


Rice with spare ribs and chicken feet in lotus leaves

The good thing about this dish is that I can enjoy both the ribs and chicken feet without ordering them separately. Both were very delicious with the rice.

Deep fried meat dumplings

Deep fried meat dumplings

This is one of the deep-fried dishes I will order. The dumplings are much bigger than the ones in other restaurants. The skin remained soft and thick and tasted good with the meat fillings.

It was a wonderful lunch, and we are truly satisfied this time. There are other dishes that we almost always have, but we couldn’t order more because there were only two of us. The restaurant is very popular not just with Asians, but with the locals as well. I am sure that everyone will find the dim sum her delicious.

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