[Big Island Day 3] Old Kona Airport Beach Park & Lunch from Umeke’s Poke Bowls

After visiting a series of beaches along the way, we were at downtown Kona during the lunch hours. It was getting a bit tired to have meals in restaurants. This time, we took out lunch from Umeke’s Poke Bowls and then enjoyed it at Old Kona Airport Beach Park.

Lunch from Umeke’s Poke Bowls

Umeke's Poke Bowls
Umeke’s poke bowls: special of the day (left) and ahi tuna (right)

Poke is an iconic Hawaiian dish, and having it once is a must. It is similar to sashimi salad. In the bowl, we got a scoop of poke, two scoops of rice, and a side. For poke, I had the special of the day (I don’t remember what kind of fish) and my sister had ahi tuna. We both chose the brown rice and the seaweed salad as our sides. The poke was very fresh, delicious, and good with rice.

Old Kona Airport Beach Park

Old Kona Airport Beach Park
Old Kona Airport Beach Park

We sat at one of the picnic tables in Old Kona Airport Beach Park and enjoyed lunch with the beautiful sea view. There weren’t many people in the park, and some of them were surfing in the high waves. I wouldn’t dare to go into the water with such waves. This was the airport between 1940 to 1970 before the current airport was built, and it is very small in terms of airport size. It is a very good place to escape the crowds.


I really loved the poke from Umeke’s Poke Bowls. There are more and more poke restaurants in Vancouver, and I need to visit them more often. Old Kona Airport Beach Park was just OK. It is one of the places I will skip when I visit the island again.


Umeke’s Poke Bowls
75-143 Hualalai Rd #105, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740, USA

Other restaurants in the area

Old Kona Airport Beach Park
75-5560 Kuakini Hwy, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740, USA
Amenities: washrooms, showers, picnic tables

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