[Big Island Day 3] Manini’owali Beach

The third beach of Day 3 was Manini’owali Beach. The beach was crowded by the time we arrived around 10 am and we had to park far away on the road.

Manini'owali Beach
Manini’owali Beach

What We Did

More commonly known as Kua Bay, Manini’owali Beach is one of the best white sand beaches on the island. The beach is a bit difficult to access because people have to clamber down 10 ft of lava rocks. Nevertheless, it is super popular and you can see the crowds in the pictures above. It is a great surfing spot as the waves were already quite large in the morning. Some articles say the beach is also good for snorkeling, but many people reported that there isn’t a lot to see.

This beach gave us a different feeling from the Anaeho’omalu Beach we visited earlier. The water on the far side was in deeper blue which gave a bigger contrast to the white sand beach. We didn’t have the proper equipment like umbrellas or chairs, so only went into the water for a short while.


It was one of the beaches we visited with the most people on Big Island. Thus, coming here early is very important. It is the perfect beach for surfing or playing in big waves. I think I will stay in the water longer the next time!


Manini’owali Beach
723990 Mamalahoa Hwy, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740, USA
Amenities: washrooms, showers, picnic tables

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