[Big Island Day 3] Kiholo Bay

The second beach we visited on Day 3 was Kiholo Bay, located between Waikoloa area and Four Seasons resort area on the west coast of Big Island.

Kiholo Bay
Kiholo Bay

What We Did

We only stopped for about half an hour, which was definitely too short. We didn’t walk too far away from the parking area. This place was quite deserted. I only saw a family or two with their tents. When I was writing this post and looking up some information about this beach, I found out that the bay is located further north. We missed the entire thing!

The bay has a black shoreline with crushed lava gravel, and it is very worth exploring and hiking. Even though I didn’t go far, I still saw many sea cucumbers and other sea creatures in between the rocks. Many articles mention that there are more to see close to the bay, including Queen’s Bath, a beautiful spring-fed freshwater pool inside a lava tube, turquoise-colored water, and sea turtles.


Once again, we rushed a missed the opportunity of seeing the beautiful beach and rocks. I totally need to come back and hike to the bay.


Kiholo Bay

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