[Big Island Day 3] Breakfast @ Mai Grille by Chef Allen Hess

We started off Day 3 with the breakfast at Mai Grille by Chef Allen Hess, which is located near our resort and surrounded by golf courses. With the chef’s name attached to the restaurant’s name, I feel that this restaurant must have a better quality.

Mai Grille by Chef Allen Hess
Mai Grille by Chef Allen Hess: 18 Holes of Health and coffee

The food

I decided to go with something sweet, so I ordered “18 Holes of Health.” The name is very creative, but it is just granola on Greek yogurt with toasted coconut and fruits. I loved it a lot simply because I never ever had this as my breakfast! The serving was very big, and I had a hard time finishing the last spoon. After this, I started to make my own granola and greek yogurt for breakfast at home.

My sister had the Farm Fresh Omelette loaded with lots of veggies. It also came with a few Portuguese sausages. The portion was also big. It is also a very healthy dish for breakfast. The only difficulty is that I usually don’t have time to make it. The coffee is the chef’s own blend. It had a very good smell and was quite smooth when having it black. It cost $6 a cup with unlimited refill. My sister got a pack from the restaurant. I should’ve got one for myself, too.


The food and the coffee here was slightly more expensive. The pros are that it is near by and has good views of the golf courses. It is still a very good choice for people who stay in nearby hotels and resorts.


Mai Grille by Chef Allen Hess
69-622 Waikoloa Beach Dr, Waikoloa Village, HI 96738, USA

Other restaurants in the area

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