[BI Day 2] Kapa’a Beach Park

After stopping by Mahukona Beach Park, we headed to Kapa’a Beach Park, which was just a few minutes drive.

Kapa'a Beach Park

Kapa’a Beach Park

It is a small beach with black rocks. There were only a few people when we arrived, and I didn’t see anyone doing water activities. We attempted snorkeling at this location but wasn’t successful. The current was getting stronger and it hit us hard onto the rocky shore when we attempted to go into the water. I managed to snorkel for a minute or two and saw some small yellow fish swimming between rocks. Then we just retreated.

There are washrooms, picnic tables and BBQ grills, and thus it would be a nice place to picnic. However, there wasn’t water in the washrooms when we were there.


Amenities: washrooms (possibly without water), picnic tables, BBQ grills.

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