[Big Island Day 2&4] Breakfast @ Island Lava Java

We began our second day with the breakfast at Island Lava Java. My sister and I were so satisfied with it, so we decided to have it again on Day 4.

Luau Omelette
Luau Omelette

On Day 2 I wanted something savoury, and Luau Omelette was my choice. It was very big, and I needed my sister’s help to finish it. The kalua pork with grilled pineapple and onion inside the omelette was very very tasty. Luau is a Hawaiian cooking technique and traditionally, meat is wrapped in taro leaves and is slow-cooked in the underground oven. In many recipes, the pork will have to be cooked in the slow cooker for up to 20 hours, and thus I don’t think I can make it…

My sister ordered Belgium Waffle Breakfast, which was very good with the coconut syrup.

Island Lava Java Day 4
“Drag It Through the Garden” croissant sandwich, pancakes, and half papaya

On Day 4, we shared the following: “Drag It Through the Garden” croissant sandwich, pancakes, and half papaya. We went for something lighter and healthier this time. There wasn’t anything special, but overall they were delicious.

Island Lava Java is a very good place to enjoy breakfast. One of its advantages is that it is more affordable than many other breakfast places. Most dishes (without fish) are less than USD $12. Next time I want to try Roasted Veggie Omelette, which comes with homemade macadamia nut pesto. So tempting!

Island Lava Java Waikoloa
Inside Waikoloa Highlands Shopping Center
68-1845 Waikoloa Rd, Waikoloa Village, HI 96738, USA
Menu Recommended!

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