[Big Island Day 1] Dinner @ Napua at Mauna Lani Beach Club

Napua is a Hawaiian restaurant located in the Mauna Lani resort area. It was the fanciest and the most expensive meal during our entire trip, and it exceeded our expectation!

The Food

Napua Octopus Luau
Appetizer: Octopus Luau

We only ordered an appetizer to share and two main dishes. We had the Octopus Luau to start, which is one of the three seafood appetizers they serve. We wanted to have more seafood, and it sounds more Hawaiian and unique than Poke or Calamari. I do not have octopus very often, and my impression of octopus was mostly very tough. But the dish was totally different. The octopus was super tender and was the perfect match with the green sauce, veggies and crispy taro. It instantly became the best octopus dish I have in my life.

Napua Fresh Catch
My main dish: Fresh Catch

The main dish I ordered was Fresh Catch, served with the fish caught during the day. The fish I had was a deep sea fish which, according to the waitress, tastes like mahi-mahi. It came with a three-cheese polenta cake, haricot verts and kabocha miso puree, and it was the first time I had them. I know that polenta is from Italy but don’t think I see them in restaurants. Haricot verts are a type of green beans but firmer. Overall it is a light and delicious dish.

Napua Duck Confit
My sister’s main dish: Duck Confit

My sister ordered Duck Confit. The duck leg is infused with five spices and then served with mashed potato, asparagus, and the hoisin sauce. It is full of Asian elements. I personally like this dish more than my own fish, probably because of its rich flavour. All three dishes were very delicious.


We ended up spending over $100 USD for only three dishes, but all of them were super delicious. It is not something to have every night, but I think everyone to come to a restaurant like this one during the trip. It will take the vacation to the next level!

Napua at Mauna Lani Beach Club

Address: 1292 S Kaniku Dr #68, Waimea, HI 96743, USA
Info: MenuRecommended!
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