[Big Island Day 1] Puako Petroglyphs & Holoholokai Beach Park

After the lunch at Daylight Mind Coffee Company, we visited Holoholokai Beach Park to see the Puako petroglyphs. It is located in the Mauna Lani area, just north of the Waikoloa village where we stay.

Puako Petroglyphs Puako Petroglyph Park
Puako Petroglyphs

What We Did

There are more than 3000 carvings, dated 1000 to 1800 CE, in this 233-acre archaeological preserve. We planned to do a short walk on Malama Trail and see the big area with 1200 petroglyph at the end of the trail. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the correct way to proceed after 5 minutes of walk, so we didn’t see a lot. During the walk, we saw the above petroglyphs which were mostly carvings of human figures.

Puako Petroglyphs Holoholokai Beach Park
Holoholokai Beach

We also did a short walk on Holoholokai Beach. It isn’t a good place to swim due to the rocky ocean bottom but is still a good place to relax, walk or picnic. The water is very clear, and there is a chance to see small fish and other creatures in the rocks.


It was unfortunate that we didn’t get to the main site and see the petroglyphs. There are also petroglyphs in the Waikoloa area which is even closer to our resort. Next time I will visit both sites and see more!

Puako Petroglyphs & Holoholokai Beach Park Info

Amenities: Washrooms, showers, picnic tables, BBQ grill

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