[Big Island Day 1] Lunch @ Daylight Mind Coffee Company

My first lunch was supposed to be at Beach Tree Bar inside the Four Season Resort. It seems that all of the restaurants inside Four Season are very good. Unfortunately, I missed the left turn into the resort, so I just continued straight to the Waikoloa resort area and had lunch in Daylight Mind Coffee Company.

Lunch at Daylight Mind
Kona kine benedict with a cup of cold-brew coffee.

The Food

I ordered a cold-brew coffee to start. It was great, and I had a good impression of the famous Kona coffee, which I would be having every day. It is very smooth and tasty without the aid of sugar or cream. Then I had the main dish: Kona kine benedict. It came with smoked pork shoulder, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, and potatoes. I am not too sure if the pork here is the luau pork, which is a Hawaiian style pork dish made with taro leaves. The combination of the pork with the poached egg and the hollandaise is very good.

My sister ordered Catch of the day Tacos, but I don’t remember what the fish was. She was more impressed with the local hot sauce called Spicy Ninja Sause, and later she bought a bottle from a market as a souvenir. She also ordered a cocktail called Painkiller, which is similar to a piña colada, and I fell in love with it after a sip. It definitely has become one of my favourite cocktails!


It was a decent start to our Big Island experience. I was glad that I had Hawaiian cuisine at the very beginning. I also loved that I identified a new favourite!

Daylight Mind Coffee Company Info

in Queen’s Marketplace, Waikoloa
Address: 69-201 Waikoloa Beach Dr, Suite J1, Waikoloa Village, HI 96738, USA
Info: Menu
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